Unless you make over $200,000 or have a net worth of at least a million, you may generally have been excluded from many investment opportunities, until now. Forefront's goal is to break down the wall between Wall St and Main St by offering you access to a portfolio of opportunities that might typically be reserved for the wealthy. 

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. 

How We Invest



Since 2008, Banks are lending less to corporations and individuals due to regulatory and compliance reasons. With Banks lending less money, small businesses and entrepreneurs are shifting their focus to new sources of funding.



Forefront steps in and fills this financing gap by providing credit to small and middle market businesses with an emphasis on risk management. Forefront has the resources and expertise to originate and structure highly collateralized, senior credit opportunities.   


Investment Examples 


Merchant Cash Advance

  • Merchant cash advance lending or advancing money to business, such as a restaurant, and getting repaid by taking a percentage of their daily transactions.

  • Payment comes directly from credit card processors, therefore every transaction gets paid directly to the lender. Additional collateral is sometimes required to ensure repayment such as equipment or property. 



  • Factoring is the process of buying accounts receivable at a discount.

  • For example, if a business needs immediate capital and can not wait for their invoice to be paid, then a discounted amount of money is advanced to the business and the invoice is paid directly to the lender, usually by a large trusted company.