Fund Highlights 

We understand that you’ve worked hard for your money, that you’ve sacrificed for yourselves and your family. We want to help guide your investments, and our goal is to create a structure that’s going to give you cash flow, that you’re going to be able to understand, and that will be non-correlated to the market. See what we do, I think you’ll be very pleased.
— Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO

Access to Investment Opportunities Previously Reserved for the 1%

High yielding specialty finance investment opportunities that were previously unavailable to non-accredited investors. 


Advisory Fee Structure Prioritizes Investors 


We do not charge a management fee. We will not make any money until the investor receives the first 8% of pre-advisory fee net investment income.

Uncorrelated Investments 


The investments are designed to be unaffected by volatility in the stock market 


Fund Facts