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1. Following extensive research by the in-house team at Wealth & Finance International, Forefront Capital Management has been named as Hedge Fund Manager of the Year 2016, as the exclusive winner from the USA. The in-house research team have been examining the leading players in the hedge fund industry and their team who have: Proven successful investment strategies, provided real returns for investors, broken the mold of innovation, demonstrated excellent money management advisory services, posted positive returns during 2016. Please note the Forefront Capital Advisor’s manages a 40 act product, not technically a hedge fund. 2. AI Hedge Fund Awards sponsored by BarclayHedge. Our voting, selection and judging process took over 6 months, during which time our industry experts counted and researched votes, analyzed all supporting evidence and performed myriad additional interview to ensure that only the most deserving and top performing individuals, firms and products were recognized.