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Whether you’re saving for a mortgage, securing your kids’ future, or putting money away for a rainy day, Forefront aims to help you to reach life’s milestones. 

Your security is our priority, and that’s why we don’t make any money until you do. There are no hidden fees, and your money is looked after by a personal relationship manager who you can call at any time. Because we’re here for you.

We create a diversified portfolio for each of our investors - cutting the risk, and attempting to maximize your return.

High Net Worth Investor (the 1%)

Small Investor (The 99%)


Forefront Investor (The New 1%)


By allocating a portion of your fixed income investments into Forefront Income Trust,  a non-accredited investor can join the club and gain exposure to the alternative investment space. FIT is a viable solution for the 99% to reduce exposure to traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds, which carry a high level of systemic risk.

*The Trust will not pay the Advisor a management fee. Instead, the Trust will pay the Advisor an advisory fee that compensates the Advisor after shareholders receive the first 8.00% of annual Pre-Advisory Fee Net Investment Income (the "Hurdle"). The Advisor will receive no compensation until after Hurdle is passed. For Pre-Advisory Fee Net Investment Income above 8.00% and up to and including 18.00%, the Advisory Fee will provide the Advisor with 80% of such income, while shareholder receive 20%. For Pre-Advisory Fee Net Investment Income above 18.00%, the Advisory Fee will provide the Advisor with 20% of such income, while shareholders receive 80%. 


About Cole

Cole Reifler is the President at Forefront Capital Advisors. Cole spearheads the marketing and branding of the firm's specialty finance products. Cole is a President and Founder of Woman at The Forefront (WATF), a financial platform whose mission to empower the world to be equally powered by women. He serves as President of Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation, a non profit for gender equality as well as the co-chair for the Easter Seals Millennial Board. In 2014, Cole realized the unfairness in the investment environment, which is why he made it his mission to solve wealth inequality using finance. He co-founded Forefront Income Trust in 2014 to give the middle class access to investment opportunities typically reserved for the 1%. Cole serves on multiple corporate and advisory boards. He holds a B.A in Finance from Elon University.

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